In India, known with the name of first Teerthankar Rishabhdev’s son, there has been a glorious tradition of Jain religion from ancient time. The culture which was developed as this Nirgranth Shraman culture, that was established as Jain religion and a prosperous society was created. There were 24 Teerthankar from God Rishabhdev to God Mahaveer. Till the time of 23rd Teerthankar Parswanath, their follower not organized. The 24th Teerthankar Mahaveer had imcompassed Jain society in a form. From the time of God Mahaveer to present publicity of Jain religion is continue intact. There are a number of pious areas, excessive areas existing in Malwa region of present Madhya Pradesh. After Gupta period, in the protection of Pratihar, Parmar, Kachchhapghat emporer, there was a huge construction of temples in Malwa region, which residue were dispersed here and there. For the protection of this valuable heritage of Jain religion, an archeological museum was established in Jainsinghpura, Ujjain, in 1944 by Digambar Jain Malwa Prantik Sabha, Badnagar. After Independence, all the collected items were demonstrated in a hall and this collection continue to grow. Thus including artifact of temple, there was a total 560 artifact. Old museum was in time-worn condition, where there was neither any systematic display of artifact nor security. A plan was prepared for museum improvement, in which a new gorgeous museum was constructed by reconstruction with grant received from Cultural Department, Government of India and personal sources of Prantik Sabha. Dr. Arvind Kumar Jain had played a vital role in preparation of demonstration plan and demonstration work of museum. Shree Jain has performed all work in the guidance and advice of Dr. Rameh Chand Yadav of archeological department. Documentation for all artifact was carried out. In the implementation of development work of museum Bhagchandra Kala, Sh. Anil Gangwal, Prakash Kasliwal, trustees of Namakganj temple trust and all trustees and officials of Malwa Prantik Sabha have given special contribution. I am specially thankful to Tourism and Cultural Department, Madhya Pradesh for beautification of outer complex of museum and developing facilities for tourist. I am grateful to Honorable Chief Minister Sh. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Culture and Tourism Minister Honorable Sh. Surendra Patwa, Chief Secretary, Management Director, Tourism, Sh. Raghvendra Singh for their appreciating contribution. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Yadav, Dr. Arvind Kumar Jain and Arvind Sharma have prepared this museum catalogue. Dr. Marutinandan Tiwari, Varanasi, has also provided guidance in this work. I express gratefullness towards all these three person. I am thankful to Sh. Manoj Tiwari the then Commissioner Madhya Pradesh Archeological Epigraphical (Abhilekhagar) and Museum M. P., Bhopal who co-operated in preparation of project of this museum and sending it to Cultural Ministry Government of India. I am also Abhari to Smt. Deepti Bhargav, Deputy Director and Registrar Officer and Pankaj Rag, Commissioner Archeological Abhilekhagar and Museum Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal for contribution in registration of artifacts of museum.