About Jainmusium

The exhibition work of collected Jain archeological property in Jain museum was performed in April, 2015 in a new form at newly constructed gorgeous building at the bank of Kshipra river in Jaisinghpura, the western part of Ujjain city. Jain museum was established in 1944 by Shri Digambar Jain Malwa Prantik Sabha. After getting permission of Madhya Pradesh Government collection work of Jain archeological property was started which were dispersed in Malwa and outside, about 560 artifacts are collected. Sh. Satyandhar Kumar Sethi gave important contribution in establishment of museum and storage of statues. But, due to inadequate building and without well-planning, development work of museum cannot take place for many years and many valuable statue were stored anyway in time-worn building. In year 2009-10, Sh. Pradeep Kasliwal had prepared an action plan to establish this museum of international level museum as he became President of Shri Digambar Jain Malwa Prantik Sabha, Badnagar. This important museum is established by grant received under promotion and strengthening of regional and local museum scheme and the rest amount is received from sources of Malwa Prantik Sabha, where technical aspects of museology and new modern technique is used. Management of documentaries and information through audio visual medium for viewers and tourist is its uniqueness which is started first time in entire Malwa and in Jain museum.

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